Painting: giving new life to melamine and laminate furniture

Painting: giving new life to melamine and laminate furniture

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To change the decor without changing the furniture in the house, there are practical and economical solutions! To revamp and renovate laminate or melamine furniture, Julien offers a completely new paint. Presentation and application. This Julien painting allows you to change the decor of all your interior elements in laminate or melamine. You can thus give new life to closets, bookcases, tables ... in all rooms of the house. And when we know that many of our kitchens are in this case, we imagine how this painting can change our interiors. You can repaint all of your kitchen items easily and the effect is striking. You will feel like you are in a new room just by changing the color. In addition, you have the choice between ten satin or shiny shades: anise, pepper, cappuccino, sea salt, morello cherry, plum, papaya ... On the technical side, the paint is ready to use and also adheres to MDF and fiber wood. It is installed with a roller without an undercoat and provides a smooth finish. The paint resists shock and scratches. And for maintenance, it is simply washable. Price: 29.90 euros per 0.75 liter pot (yield 8 m² per liter). Available in DIY stores. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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