Find the ideal umbrella stand for your entry!

Find the ideal umbrella stand for your entry!

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The umbrella stand: a very practical accessory

In a small entrance, storage is often scarce and it is not always easy to optimize the space. However, a umbrella holder turns out to be a very practical accessory - or even essential - when your umbrella is wet.
In fact, this umbrella receptacle (s) could not be more useful to save you from putting rainwater in your house when you enter it ... and therefore dirtying your interior by putting water everywhere, or , worse, to slide and break your face in the puddle that always forms under the umbrellas that you let drip in a corner!

This is why in a hallway it may be wise to arrange a small space for an umbrella stand of course, but also a coat rack, and possibly a bench to take off your shoes.

Umbrella stand: what material?

Even if you are looking above all for a stylish umbrella stand, design or fun that will do very well in your entry, know that it is an accessory that should not be chosen lightly, especially with regard to the material in which it is made. Logic: an umbrella stand, you put wet and damp umbrellas in it. We must therefore ensure that it is designed in a material:

  • Which dries quickly.
  • Who doesn't fear rust.
  • Which is strong enough to hold several umbrellas if necessary.

Generally, on the market, there are mainly umbrella stands:

  • Glass ;
  • Varnished terracotta;
  • In plastic ;
  • Made of metal, whether aluminum, stainless steel, wrought iron or steel;
  • Wood, but on condition that the latter is naturally resistant to humidity, or treated anti-humidity (thanks to the application of a varnish, a paint or an additional coating).

The different sizes possible for an umbrella stand

As for a coat rack or any piece of furniture intended to receive accessories, the choice of an umbrella holder is made according to certain criteria and parameters. The most important thing to take into account in this case is the number of umbrellas that you will place there.
As such, remember that:

  • If you want to store 3 umbrellas or less, no need to clutter your entry with a XXL umbrella stand : a model 30 to 40 cm in diameter will be more than enough.
  • If you are in large family mode, opt for a model with a minimum diameter of 60 cm, capable of receiving 6 umbrellas!
  • If you are the type foldable umbrella, you can choose a small umbrella stand, which you simply hang by the handle. On the other hand, if you have large umbrellas, choose a model of umbrella holder that will be at least 50 cm high. Thus, your umbrellas will be straight in, and the umbrella holder is not likely to unbalance and fall.

To note : if you plan to put several umbrellas in your umbrella stand, be sure, whatever the material chosen, to opt for a model whose base will be weighted. This will prevent it from falling under the weight of the umbrellas!

Unusual shapes and models for ever more original umbrella stands

If the classic umbrella stands wrought iron, plastic or wood are often cylindrical, round, or square with patterns or openwork, today there are more original models in the form of a puddle, cloud, bricks ... or even more graphic and very design models.

Choose your style according to your decoration for the most harmonious rendering possible!