How to bring light into your home

How to bring light into your home

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In spring, daylight illuminates the interiors for our greatest happiness. But what about when a room that is too dark does not allow the sun's rays to penetrate through? Do not panic. There are many tips to help you have a bright home. Let the ideas enlighten us!

White, the best ally of light

In a dark interior, dark colors are to be banished because they do not bring in light, unlike the light tones that reflect the rays of the sun. White walls are essential, but you can also opt for a bright white decor for the floor, furniture and decorative items. An infinite palette of whites, a symbol of purity, awaits you for a result that is as bright as it is refined.

Mirrors to reflect daylight

The easy and daring trick to light up the space is the mirror. Placed in front of an exterior opening, the mirror reflects daylight to give not only a feeling of space but above all a feeling of clarity. In two three movements, the piece is doubly luminous.

Glass blocks: translucent partitions

One of the best ways to bring light into your home: glass pavers. We swap the walls for partitions (interior or exterior) of glass bricks that will bring light and radiance to a room. The advantage of glass bricks is that their installation does not require prior authorization or permit.

Exterior wall

In a dark bathroom, a translucent wall is ideal for lighting a space whose privacy will be preserved, since this material lets in light. We cannot, however, see through.

Interior wall

To decide on a room, rather than opting for a wall, the glass brick option allows you to separate without darkening. The light is thus shared. The rendering is bright on both sides of the space, and this atypical partition gives a feeling halfway between design and softness. The most decorative? Opt for tinted bricks to create a design atmosphere lulled in vibrant colors.


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