How to keep a room tidy - without clothes lying around!

How to keep a room tidy - without clothes lying around!

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You know what I'm talking about: in the evening, before putting on your favorite pajamas, you leave your clothes for the day and put them on a chair in your room… After a few days, the clothes have become a mountain and it won't just put everything in the washing machine. However, there are solutions to avoid its inconvenience. I explain to you. In the evening, before putting on your favorite pajamas, you leave your clothes for the day and place them more or less carelessly on a chair. And, day by day, clothes accumulate and even land on your bed ... Don't be overwhelmed! Follow our tips to keep your room tidy for as long as possible.

Clean laundry or dirty laundry?

Let's start with the beginning. In the evening, while you are leaving your clothes for the day, make a quick assessment: are your clothes too dirty to be put back on? I help you: for lingerie, socks, your t-shirt or blouse, the answer is yes! We do not leave these dirty clothes lying around and we immediately put them… what a thriller!… In the dirty laundry basket - and not on the floor as some people can. The real problem lies rather in these clothes which are neither completely clean and have no place in your dresser, closet or dressing room. Neither dirty enough to join the dirty laundry in the basket. And that's how these clothes land loose on a chair, end up wrinkling and are no longer even putable!

We don't argue, dirty clothes go directly into the dirty laundry basket!

Hang your clothes on coat hooks

The disadvantages of the pile of clothing on a chair are multiple. On the one hand, your clothes will be all wrinkled and you will not especially want to put them back, on the other hand you have no visibility as to your available clothes since they are gathered in a shapeless pile. What solution can we offer you? The hooks! Hang coat hooks on the walls of your bedroom to hang - depending on the garment, you can even hang a hanger on the coat hook - while respecting your clothes. Tenants and those who would not dare to pierce the walls can use the coat hooks to hang on the doors.

You can make your own hooks thanks to our super tutorial!

Entrust your clothes to the valet!

Another solution for storing your clothes outside your cupboards and chest of drawers: the valet de nuit! You can hang your clothes in an orderly fashion. Some even have a shelf on which you can place your accessories.

Chez Harto, the valet de nuit becomes colorful and is named Lucien

Little more tips to avoid the mess in the room

Even without installing coat hooks or a valet, some tips to remember: - put your dirty clothes in the basket dedicated to them as you go; - do not take all of your clothes out of your cupboards and chests of drawers in 48 hours, instead put on this little sweater that you already put on yesterday; - what if you sort your wardrobe? Keep only the clothes that make you happy as Marie Kondo would say, so you will be delighted to wear this sweater two days in a row, right?