Suspensions vs lampposts: the match!

Suspensions vs lampposts: the match!

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These are the two strong trends in lighting. On the one hand the suspensions, supported by the supporters of global lighting; on the other side the lampposts, supported by the supporters of the ambient lighting. When the two teams meet in the trends ring, the match is close… Go!

Suspensions, allies of all styles and decorative trends!

The suspensions are the champions ofcentral and optimal lighting . Strategists of height and light dispersion, they compete brilliantly with natural lighting. Attach a pendant to the ceiling of the living room, bedroom or bathroom and a shower of light instantly falls in your interior! In terms of decoration, the pendant lights have come a long way from Grandma's chandelier. The classic chandelier with multiple bulbs is now flirting with the hottest trends of the moment, and that's good! Followers of the industrial look, bet on the PEDRO pendant dressed in dark metal with angular shapes. With its 3 adjustable arms, it easily finds its place above the bar or in the kitchen. Supporters of the Scandinavian style, opt for the FABIA pendant lamp in white metal and wood. We like its subtle lines which combine voluptuous curves and organic design. One click at the switch and your decor lights up smoothly. As light as an air bubble, the paper hanger IZU brings zen and pleasant lighting to your interior. Made according to the codes of the famous Japanese ball, it seduces lovers of simple design and lends itself to the most beautiful DIY experiences.

Floor lamps, kings of ambient lighting

Unbeatable in ambient and accent lighting, the floor lamps are also very good at exercising styles. Wherever they are, they create luminous halos that are perfectly suited to spaces such as the living room, the reading corner, the bedroom or the office. Past masters in the art of felted, subdued and cocooning effects, the floor lamps target their exposure to part of the room. For an enlightened reading, the ELISE metal reading light will be your best ally. To avoid blindly drinking your coffee, the TERRY floor lamp lights you up… by lending you its tablet, it couldn't be more practical. Color desires? Succumb to the charms of the aptly named ARTIFICE floor lamp. With its 6 acidulous light points, the lighting takes on the air of decorative fireworks in your home Sweet Home.

Match result

You understood, the dilemma VS hanging lamps is not ready to be decided. Beyond the visual comfort, the choice of the winner depends above all on the rooms in the house, the use of light and its balance in space. To harmonize everything, the winning combination consists in associating the two trends which marry wonderfully as well on the luminous plan as aesthetic… Perfect equality!

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