What floor covering should you choose for your bathroom?

What floor covering should you choose for your bathroom?

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If tiles are a safe bet in the bathroom, other coverings are possible! Thus, tiling is now in competition with vinyl flooring and carpeting. A quick overview of the advantages of each:

Vinyl floors for a parquet effect

If you dream of a parquet in your bathroom, it is to the vinyl floor that you should turn! Indeed, this type of coating has very beautiful imitations of parquet in multiple shades: from the lightest to the darkest passing through current colors like gray and white. The vinyl floor will adapt much better to the bathroom because it is non-slip, anti-mold and bacteria. And unlike parquet, this coating will not warp due to humidity. Among its other advantages, it is a good thermal and acoustic insulator which is very resistant. Easy to maintain, installation is also easy thanks to its presentation in rolls, strips or slabs.

Tiling as a must

If tiling is also appreciated in bathrooms, it is because it has great practical and aesthetic qualities. Very healthy and hygienic, it does not retain dust and is very easy to maintain. It will even keep its original color and resist the sun. And in terms of decoration, the possibilities are almost endless with a multitude of styles, formats but also colors and materials. You can thus opt for marble, stone or quartz and even marry the whole in mosaic if the desire takes you.

What if we dared to carpet in the bathroom?

Be aware that carpet is not supposed to withstand humidity, but you can find carpet that is predisposed to adapt to the bathroom. Choose a rot-proof model that has a latex backing that protects it against water. The very short nylon fibers will also help the carpet dry more quickly. And as prevention is better than cure, opt for a carpet that supports accidental flooding like the Océanie Gel model from Saint-Maclou.