The exterior is adorned with candles

The exterior is adorned with candles

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1. Gray terra cotta outdoor candle La Redoute 52 € 2. White metal outdoor lantern Best Season LED candle € 29 3. Burma Delamaison steel / white glass lantern € 16.90 4. Set of 3 Lesara design LED lamps 24 , 99 € 5. Manutti outdoor candle holder price on request 6. Mathi Design black tealight holder 95 € 7. Yellow candle in the shape of a flowerpot Hapy Habitat 8.50 € 8. 3 LED outdoor candles with remote control La Redoute 185 , 20 € 9. Delamaison natural bamboo solar torch 12.50 € 10. Very large sandalwood scented candle Pure Imperial Habitat 56 €

Better lighting the garden

Once night falls, the soft glow of the candles rocks the outside simply to give charm to the atmosphere and to better circulate in your green space. Choosing candles outside means choosing a romantic and intimate setting, especially if you dine often on your terrace or in your garden on summer evenings. Regarding the models, there are multiple ways to arrange the candles. You can find them hanging from a tree branch, to place on the ground to mark a path in the form of a solar bamboo torch for example or even to put around a swimming pool thanks to XXL candle holders. If you prefer smaller objects, colored candle holders or a lantern to put in the center of the table will make you happy.

Candles to keep mosquitoes away

To take advantage of the mild and warm climate in the evening, you still have to get rid of mosquitoes. The right idea to adopt? Light lemongrass candles in the garden or on the balcony. In two steps three movements, the mosquito hunt is successful. There is like a tangy perfume in the air and a very soft atmosphere in prospect of a long and beautiful season.