Elegant garden furniture

Elegant garden furniture

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In spring, the garden comes back to life. Will the furniture be made of wrought iron or natural braided fibers? It's time to choose your side. Whatever you choose, the furniture allows the addition of bright cushions, because now the color does not radiate only inside.

Refined natural

Want natural elegance? Look no further, this is the resin or the woven rattan you need. The creators have made this material the happy medium between imposing and graceful furniture. In the garden, matching chairs and table create a select space where it is good to enjoy a cocktail and dinner with friends. A chic and distinguished garden is a dream!


This year, wrought iron, synonymous with delicacy, is in the spotlight. The fine elements of the garden furniture designed with this material bring a distinguished atmosphere in your garden. The chairs and the table exude lightness. To enhance the spring atmosphere, colorful cushions spice up the chairs. The furniture looks good and thus enhances the exterior. Suddenly, cheerfulness and lightness perfume your garden. Find our article on outdoor furniture: What material for garden furniture? Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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