Black and white wall lamp

Black and white wall lamp

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Ordinary layer (grape format, 100 g) Colored black layer (grape format, 100 g) Adhesive polyphane 1 ruler 1 cutter Black canvas tape 4 cm wide 1 half-moon sconce frame 25 cm in diameter and 20 cm high

Production :

5 'Cutting

In the Polyphane, cut a rectangle of 24 x 39.2 cm. Tip If air bubbles form, gently pierce them with a very fine needle.

10 'Collage

Place the ordinary layer flat on the table. Apply the Polyphane on the tracing paper, delicately and gradually removing the plastic film protecting it. Cut out what protrudes from the layer.

15 'Cutting and gluing

In the black layer, cut a strip 50 centimeters wide, then cut several asymmetrical strips from it. Spray them with spray glue and wait a few moments before sticking them on the ordinary layer rectangle. Cut out what protrudes from the black bands.


To spray the black tracing strips with glue, place them at the bottom of a carton. If these show traces of glue, gently clean them with a cotton pad soaked in instant stain remover for oily stains.

5 'Adhesive placement

Place a length of adhesive tape across the two widths of the layer rectangle. Equalize at the base and at the top. Cut the widths leaving a margin of 1 cm. Place the adhesive tape slightly at an angle so as to respect the style of the applique.


To fix the lampshade on the frame, fold the adhesive tape over the uprights of the latter, taking care to center the frame with respect to the lampshade.


The spirit of the black and white wall lamp is available in many colors, to match its interior.

20 tracing paper objects © Flammarion editions, 2003


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