Stéphanie Marin's siesta bar

Stéphanie Marin's siesta bar

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Do you dream of taking a nap in a unique place? Discover the Nap Bar, a space dedicated to napping set up by the French creation house Smarin, created in 2003 by designer Stéphanie Marin. Conceived as an arty and avant-garde invitation to rest, the space marked the spirits by its most singular composition: pillow, special herbal tea, original lullaby and essential oils were there to encourage the curious to indulge in the arms of Morpheus.

Smarin design in all its forms

The installation with a minimalist and refined design mixed different collections of the house. Thus, the comfort of the Nap Bar was materialized by the "Dunes", gigantic modular meridians in galaxy and kvadrat fabric (100% polyester) composed of foams of different intensities. The light work was part of the "Kairos" project, with the presence of "Shinyshadows" which light up and go out gradually in phases of five seconds, in total synchrony with the rhythm of breathing.

Finally, "mobileshadows" (a sort of nebula of clouds suspended in the air by cables) projected moving shadows in linen or silk veils, when the "Play Yet" (100% modular and natural construction game) furnished with taste and sweetness this dreamlike cocoon. A decorative and playful cork and wooden installation, without nails or screws, accessible to both adults and children. Good news for sleep addicts, all these different designer pieces are on sale!

Smarin, a house like no other

Smarin designs, develops and distributes design projects in the fields of furniture, scenography and spatial planning. The house, located in Nice, is distinguished by its avant-garde creations and its many imaginative collaborations with designers from around the world and from all walks of life. Nap bar, Stéphanie Marin's siesta bar Presented in Dubai from March 9 to 31, 2016 Parts on sale on the Smarin e-shop and in a selection of points of sale .


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