An adventurer's room inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean

An adventurer's room inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean

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On May 18, the long-awaited fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean will invade the dark rooms. So that the impatient young adventurers can enter the set of the film before the hour, we make them an explosive pirate decor. Boarding!

Sleep on his boat like Jack Sparrow

Put yourself in the shoes of Jack Sparrow, the intrepid little ones can do it. But what would the illustrious pirate played by Johnny Depp be without his inseparable boat, the Black Pearl? To make the imaginary world of our little pirates a reality, we give the bed the appearance of a ship: a high curved bed or a boat-shaped bed will do the trick. We can even opt for a bed curtain that you hang to recreate the look of the masts on the wall. And of course, we do not forget the essential skull flag.

Pirate-style storage

Because tidying up your room can also turn into an adventure, you choose a treasure chest for storing games, accessories and disguises. The figurines of wicked pirates and ship constructions come to decorate the shelves to organize and decorate the space.

Colorful walls

Stickers and friezes appropriate the walls to transport us on board a ship to meet a crew with a strong character. The color of the walls is turquoise or exotic yellow : colors indicated to illustrate the Caribbean. Besides, the final touch of this decor is none other than a green palm-type plant that will spice up this atmosphere full of action, sun and sea. Photos of children's rooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"