The screen: between practicality and decorative touch

The screen: between practicality and decorative touch

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Removable partition, light, practical and very aesthetic, the screen is a clever solution that delimits space without partitioning or a decorative choice that brings elegance and fantasy to a bedroom, living room or bathroom.

A temporary partition ajar

With real estate prices exploding, the bias of small spaces is often synonymous with multifunctional rooms. We therefore try to define the interior for more privacy. An ephemeral partition is ideal for dividing a cohabited studio, isolating a desk in a bedroom, hiding the washing machine in the kitchen or separating the toilet area in the bathroom. The plus of the screen is that it adapts to the fashion of open spaces very fashionable, since it isolates an area without partitioning it. The space remains open and easily modular according to needs and desires.

The screen: a decorative accessory

With 3 adjustable accordion panels, the silhouette of the screen gives volume to the furniture and energizes the space. With its multiple choices of patterns, textures and styles, the screen is not only a half-open partition, it is also a decorative object in its own right that adapts to all atmospheres. Flowered screen, exotic, oriental, glamorous, graphic, natural, discreet, urban or trompe-l'oeil: the choice is yours! For even more originality, we transform it into photos support or in green wall . Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"