The smart cooking of Brandt, Sauter and De Dietrich

The smart cooking of Brandt, Sauter and De Dietrich

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Whether you are a student, a Sunday cook or an experienced cordon bleu, we all need a kitchen that suits us. To each his cooking equipment, to each his brand of cuisine.

For students

Who says student, says studio, small space, but above all tight budget. And impossible for young people to break their piggy bank. This is why cooking is a question of simple, functional and easy. Thus, the 100% free-standing duo from the House of Brandt, composed of a 1-burner induction table (70 euros) and a 21-liter mini-oven (100 euros), offers both complete and practical packaging. .

For families

Students who used to be proficient have grown up. They are now settled in a couple, with children for some, and their culinary talents have sharpened. No more pasta, make way for real recipes! Cooking equipment level, we see bigger. The duo "best value for money" from Brandt for example, offers a spacious multifunction oven (550 euros) and an induction cooker with three fireplaces (400 euros) to juggle between pots and pans.

Brandt three-burner induction tables and multifunction oven for families

For travelers

A move, a transfer, a change of life and the desire to take your kitchen equipment wherever you go without any problems. The nomadic duo Sauter precisely meets this requirement: posable multifunction oven (380 euros) and freestanding induction table (130 euros), transportable wherever the wind takes you.

Sauter induction hobs and multifunction oven, for travelers

For Masterchef

For those who like to lock themselves up for hours in the kitchen to cook delicious meals. The gourmet duo Sauter offers sophisticated and sophisticated equipment to support the blue strings in their exploits: induction hob with a free Horizone zone (with intelligent temperature regulation, 850 euros) and expert oven (900 euros).

For design fans

For some, household appliances are an integral part of the decoration of the kitchen. The design - and more generally the aesthetics - of the cooking equipment is therefore essential. The De Dietrich techno-design duo meets these requirements: double zone horiZone Platinium induction table (950 euros) and Four Matrics Platinium (1,000 euros). The top of high tech for elegant and sober products.

De Dietrich Platinium induction hobs and Platinium Matrics oven, for design fans To equip your kitchen in style, we invite you to win silicone cookware, with an original design. It's your turn ! S8592324W650 N