5 color atmospheres to match with a white lacquered piece of furniture

5 color atmospheres to match with a white lacquered piece of furniture

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White lacquered furniture with natural colors for a Zen and refined atmosphere

For a relaxing interior, you must marry your white lacquered furniture Has natural colors. Bring a Scandinavian touch to your interior by combining your white lacquered furniture with light wood. Complete the whole with beige, linen, twine or light-colored accessories such as water green, azure blue, fresh buttery yellow… The whole will give a shade of very fresh colors for spring! For winter, add a sheepskin rug to warm up your decor and bring conviviality.

White lacquered furniture with bright colors for a pop and dynamic atmosphere

The advantage of White, whether matt or shiny, is that it is a non-color that can be used as a basis for any decoration. You can thus choose to raise your interior by adding ultra colored keys which will give punch. For that, it is easy, you just have to choose a color like yellow, green, red, pink or orange… and apply it by touches in your interior. Cushions, throws, curtains, carpets ... Bet on accessories, keeping in mind that white must remain the majority ... otherwise beware inside Rococo ... Pop atmosphere guaranteed!

White lacquered furniture with black color for a graphic and design atmosphere

For an interior at the forefront of design in a very spirit graphic, combine your white lacquered furniture with black color ! You can play with textures by choosing mat black, but also lacquered black. Bring black by touches in the decorative accessories, but also the sofa, the plaids, the carpet, the cushions… Also think of strips of black wallpaper with overprinted patterns. Choose very graphic lines, geometric and dynamic! Opt for very slender and refined decorative objects reminiscent of the side minimalist of design. Your interior is guaranteed to make an impact!

White lacquered furniture with neutral colors for an industrial atmosphere

Very popular today, industrial stylenever ceases to seduce. By combining your white lacquered furniture with neutral colors such as gray, taupe, beige ... but also materials such assteel, the brick where the wood, you will get an interior revamped and evoking the codes of the industrial style. Do not hesitate to dress a section of the wall with imitation brick facing stones and to hang on the wall a pretty wrought iron clock or a structure in metal. Also think of furniture and decorative objects in steel, copper and metal. Complete it all with wooden parquet for the floor… and contemplate: your industrial-style interior looks great, right?

White lacquered furniture with white color for a romantic atmosphere

If the total look is not always advisable in decoration, with white, we can dare! Indeed, the advantage of a neutral color is to be able to adopt it without moderation for a decoration that plays the card of purity and clarity. The good news is that the total white look will suit both a design atmosphere and a more decorative romantic. Everything will be decided on the nuances chosen and the materials used. Combine your white lacquered furniture with other matt white or nuanced white furniture such as off-white, gray white or white with pink accents. Add some decorative elements in light colors that are always soft and refined and voila! You will also note that this total white look enlarges your room! In addition to enlarging the space, it is also perfect for bringing a maximum of light in poorly lit interiors with windows or to enhance the brightness of bright rooms!

It is done ! Your white lacquered furniture goes perfectly with your decoration with a natural, design, pop, industrial or romantic spirit. Like the desire to paint other furniture in white lacquered? Follow the guide here!