Carouche, industrial and inventive flea market

Carouche, industrial and inventive flea market

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Caroline Giraud is not a second-hand dealer like the others. Interpreter of objects from the Carouche boutique, she offers, in her small boutique in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a selection of industrial furniture, old or contemporary objects, in a resolutely modern spirit. It has been a few years since Caroline adopted the method of restyling old objects and furniture. In its half-flea market, half-decoration shop, you can acquire, according to its latest finds and at reasonable prices, industrial furniture, workbenches, old Tolix chairs, craft furniture and other kinds of small wonders. Some pieces of furniture are reworked by the hostess. Here and there she adds a colored plexiglass plate, an aged metal plate, a glass handle or a colored background, while keeping the spirit of the object intact but adding a little extra soul , which allows it to integrate well into our interiors today. She also brings back from her chineuse ballads in Belgium or the United States pieces not found in France, which she restores and offers in their original spirit or slightly transformed. To see at home, lamps made by ch'tis creators who mix metal and old lighthouse or photographer optics, and ultra-simple living room tables in brushed metal, which slip everywhere. And even if many shops are now emerging, drawing heavily on her ideas, Caroline keeps this little click in advance, to decline, with simplicity and kindness, her inimitable style. Caroline loves furniture for its simplicity and its potential. When she searches around France, she has an eye for the small piece of furniture that she can transform with genius. Regarding this "little armoirette" (as Caroline likes to describe it), after having reviewed several possible makeovers, it's decided, it will be covered with Jouy canvas wallpaper on the outside, while the inside will tint with color. 'an elegant and bright gray. To modernize the door, Caroline cut a metal plate which she patinated to age it a little. The small interior compartments can be filled with a thousand treasures in a kitchen where it will constitute a perfect storage for spices or condiments. But it can just as easily hang in a bathroom, a romantic girl's room or a child's room. With great simplicity, Caroline completes the transformation while having in mind new interpretations of objects or furniture, which will join the quirky and elegant world of her shop in Paris. > Learn more at


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