Where is the perfect place to place a wardrobe in a bedroom?

Where is the perfect place to place a wardrobe in a bedroom?

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  • 1. Install a large wardrobe in front of his bed
  • 2. Dedicate an entire wall to your dressing room
  • 3. Place a storage cabinet next to his bedside table
  • 4. Put a storage unit next to the bedroom door
  • 5. Use a closet as a partition in space

Install a large wardrobe in front of his bed

It is a fairly classic configuration which frees up space on either side of the bed to group your clothes, bags, accessories, shoes or even sporting goods. Your wardrobe can be accompanied by a chest of drawers, open wall shelves and a small bench to allow you to store even more things. This configuration is particularly suitable for large cabinets. It allows you to create a real storage space on a whole wall. Our decoration tips for shoe fans? Place a matching shoe cabinet next to your wardrobe. Then attach a few wall shelves above the first to expose your most beautiful pairs, and voila! And to vary the pleasures, replace a few shelves with a dressing bar, on which you can display your best clothes or simply your outfits already worn but not yet ready for the machine! Be careful however to make sure that there is enough room to pass between the bed and your wardrobe. A minimum of 60 cm will be required. Is that a little fair? In this case, for maximum space savings, prefer sliding doors to traditional hinged doors.

Dedicate an entire wall to your dressing room

If you are a fashionista at heart and you have a lot (too) of clothes, the best solution is to devote a whole wall to your wardrobe. In this case, opt for sliding doors to save space while camouflaging all your clothes. This will avoid the "clutter" effect, the real risk of these large dressings! If on the contrary you prefer the "star wardrobe" effect, know that you will have to be irreproachable when it comes to keeping your wardrobe and folding your clothes. Are you still unsure of your skills in this area? Rely on the talents of origamist Marie Kondo, the storage magician. You can find many videos dedicated to his KonMari method on the Internet. Many furniture manufacturers now offer modular walk-in closets. If your bedroom is large enough, it is indeed an affordable and tailor-made storage solution that represents a real saving of space compared to a large classic wardrobe. Finally, to enlarge the space, you can also choose closet doors with mirrors or stick mirror effect stickers on them. Preferably choose a tall unit to store a maximum of business.

Place a storage cabinet next to his bedside table

For a more minimalist and more feminine decor, the wardrobe slides next to the bed and the bedside table. It is therefore an integral part of the decoration of the room and is further enhanced. Prefer a minimalist and compact piece of furniture, painted in white or in a bright color that will brighten up the bedroom. A complete room, like the one presented on this photo, has a certain charm and will adapt very well to all types of decoration. Make sure you choose a storage unit with several compartments: at least one large drawer for household linen, one or two shelves and a wardrobe. The latter need not be too high. If your bedroom is not large, you can also opt for a corner wardrobe, a real space-saving solution!

Put a storage unit next to the bedroom door

This configuration is ideal in a small space. It allows you to have access to your closet right away when entering the room and not to clutter the space located in front of your bed, especially if there is a window there. Here, a dresser was installed under the opening while the larger closet was put against the smaller wall. The arrangement of the furniture in the room thus allows good circulation and the wardrobe, however imposing, does not block the passage of light.This room also has perfectly adapted lighting: small LED spots are located above of each door of the dressing room, while a lamp allows to light a wall mirror placed just next to the wardrobe. Perfect to admire her outfit barely put on! Finally, a hanging bedside lamp, diffusing a much softer and dimmed light is located right next to the bed. We also like the small chest of drawers in front of the bed, white just like the large wardrobe, which highlights the window like a painting. A small room that has it all!

Use a closet as a partition in space

Do you live in a studio and don't really have room for a wardrobe? Do not panic ! An open closet can act as a separation between the sleeping area and the rest of the living room. You can then store your clothes without cluttering your bedroom. So that your underwear is not exposed in front of all your friends at cocktail hour, provide a specific storage space for your clothes: drawers, boxes or baskets mounted on rails, you're spoiled for choice! You can also close your closet with a sliding partition or a simple curtain. Finally, do not forget to choose a suitable lighting: LED spots will prove to be perfect. The idea is to make you forget this closet, do not hesitate to repaint it the same color as the walls which surround it, and in particular as the wall of your room. And in order to achieve maximum space savings, we don't hesitate to climb to the ceiling, even if it means always keeping a stepladder handy. You will be able to alternate your winter and summer clothes, keeping those of the current season on your hangers, and the others, right at the top of your closet!

Each room has its own storage solution! And you, what will be yours?