How to choose a lampshade: 3 golden rules

How to choose a lampshade: 3 golden rules

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Buying pretty lamp stands is good. However, the importance of the lampshades should not be overlooked. They create an atmosphere and give style to your interior while more or less sifting the atmosphere of the room. Whether XXL or minimalist, immaculate or colorful, patterned or plain, there is no shortage of models! To choose the lampshade that best suits your fixture, here are some practical tips.

Rule # 1: Make no mistake about the size of the lampshade

This must be proportional to the size of the base or the lamp base. For a question of stability but also of harmony, you cannot choose a very small lampshade on a large lamp base or an XXL lampshade on a very fine and refined lamp. So always keep in mind the dimensions of your lamp and its style when selecting your lampshade. For a lamp to be placed at the end, prefer a lampshade of about 20 to 40 cm, if the foot is imposing. For a floor lamp, we will prefer a fairly high tube lampshade (about 40 cm), which will give it an elegant look.

Rule n ° 2: The color of the lampshade transforms the atmosphere of a room

The color of the lampshades is chosen according to the atmosphere you want to create. An off-white model will diffuse a clear light while a taupe, plum or burgundy color will obtain a more cozy light. Also note that the patterned lampshades hide more light than the solid colors. They are therefore to be reserved for auxiliary lamps. For an original decoration, put lampshades of the same color but in different sizes on all the lamps of a room or make your own model.

Rule n ° 3: Choose your lampshade according to the light

In terms of materials, fabric lampshades can very quickly be covered with dirt and grease, which is therefore not very practical for a kitchen suspension for example. More practical, the plastic or glass lampshades can be cleaned easily while the metal or wrought iron models are perfect in a rustic, salvaged or Provençal room. Regarding the shape, you can choose between a conical shade, wider at the bottom than at the top, to give a facelift to a chandelier or a round, the diameter of which will be identical at the top and bottom.