How to light a studio?

How to light a studio?

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Interior lighting is essential to create a space of well-being and comfort. To enhance a small space such as a studio, you need suitable and functional lighting to guarantee a comfortable atmosphere. For each space, there is specific lighting: oriented, functional or general light. Here are our tips for best illuminating a small space to make it warmer.

Choosing the right lighting for a studio

First of all, it is essential to have a single light source which aims to illuminate the entire volume of the main room. To fulfill this role of general lighting of the room, the ceiling light, the spotlights recessed in the ceiling and the wall lights are important elements. They all create practical general lighting and also provide soft and original lighting in the main room.

Specific lighting to focus

Regarding the reading and working area, choose oriented lighting such as a reading light for example. It brings light in a corner of the room to benefit from a place of intimate relaxation to read quietly at your desk, and above all, so as not to damage your eyes! If you work a lot on a computer, be aware that you will still need a light source despite the screen lighting.

Warm light in everyday rooms

For the kitchen or bathroom, go to functional lighting. It provides lighting adapted to your activities. Spotlights or halogen lamps provide soft, directed light, for pleasant lighting without dazzling, which will be very practical for lighting a work surface for example. Also consider having a more cozy lamp for the dining area.

Install a mirror for more light

To reflect more light and provide more light in a small space, decorate your studio or one of your rooms with a large mirror. It will multiply the feeling of grandeur and light in the room. Finally, choose light tones on your walls to create a bright room.


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