Video: a table setting that plays on the card of plant transparency

Video: a table setting that plays on the card of plant transparency

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In the series of table decorations, here is a presentation that plays with plants and reflections of transparency ... Discover the editorial advice for a successful decor. For once no tablecloth! Start with the centerpiece. The idea being to have candlesticks there. Do not hesitate to play on the sizes to give height to the decor. Your table will be all the more majestic. We recommend white and transparent in order to play on the shine and reflection side. The color code here revolves around white and green. Do not strive for too flashy shades that will disagree with the desired atmosphere. Choose relatively soft colors that will blend better with each other. In this decor, the trick concerns the tealight holder. It turns into an original and decorative setting. Place a small mirror in a tealight holder, pour a little water, and cut out a sweet word, a cliché ... Slide it into the tealight holder, which will act as a magnifying glass for a very nice decorative effect. Who says vegetable, necessarily says flowers ... so think of accumulating flowers on the table for a decorative and romantic effect. Finally, give your table more depth by sprinkling it with small mirrors. Your decor will only be brighter! To help you prepare your decor, here are some shopping ideas: Candlesticks - IKEA - 14.95 euros for 3 Candles - IKEA - 1.49 euros for three Plates - IKEA Plates - ALINEA Cutlery - FLY - 19.90 euros Styling of the table: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi video id = "0" / Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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