Spotlight on a typically Greek decor

Spotlight on a typically Greek decor

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From the temples of Athens to the islands of Crete, passing by a voluptuously white architecture with blue contours: Greece is undoubtedly a land of inspiration.

White with lime for a fresh decor while volume

Exposed to a blazing sun, the Greeks have been betting for centuries on a all white architecture in order to preserve interior freshness . Unlike the dark tones which retain all the light and consequently the heat, white returns the colors it receives from the sun. A bright decor like spring is therefore ideal for the summer period which starts. So that the walls, the floor and the furniture play the card of whiteness, we use the traditional lime paint with which the Greeks brush the stone to sanitize it but especially to whiten it. This bias creates volume and real visual continuity . There is a feeling of space and maximum clarity.

A pinch of Greek blue and the decor becomes Mediterranean

If the white cools, the doors and shutters painted in blue recall the omnipresence of the sea in the land of Poseidon. This architecture which mixes white and blue, colors which have also been chosen for the national flag, embodies Greece on its own. Here too the spirit is Mediterranean. We choose vases, rugs and decorative objects in shades between cyan blue, electric blue or mint blue to awaken the whiteness of the interior. Warm effect guaranteed!

Mythology in decoration

The cult of Antiquity that reigns in Greece cannot be overlooked. So that the decor transports us to the time of the ancient Greek palaces, we choose handicrafts : ceramic vases, friezes or crockery decorated with patterns illustrating the famous Greek mythology, statues or mosaics. In this interior where simplicity rhymes with refinement, we travel to the time of the Odyssey. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"