Greeen, a design and eco-friendly online shopping site

Greeen, a design and eco-friendly online shopping site

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Needless to blink, the online sales site "Greeen" created last year has three. An e for ecology, a second for aesthetics and a third for ethics. The concept of this site is none other than promoting products that are not only eco-friendly but also design and functional. If green products attract a large number, eager to act for sustainable development, on the other hand, their high cost discourages more than one. The online shopping site Greeen was born out of the ambition to make any type of eco-designed decorative accessory (furniture, lighting, tableware) accessible. A major challenge that allows this website to participate, at the same time, in sustainable development and fair trade.

Green products

To fully understand the ecological nature of the products offered for sale on the site, a detailed sheet specifying their ecological implication (design, transport or carbon content) appears in the description of each of them.

Design products

Thirty brands and designers are partners of the Greeen project. The goal ? Democratize eco products with a designer look and an ingenious and useful look. Lovers of aesthetics and sustainable development, you are served! The Greeen site, to be discovered urgently on