Zoom on trompe-l'oeil accessories

Zoom on trompe-l'oeil accessories

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Thirsty for originality? What if we surround ourselves with accessories that create the illusion? Make way for wallpapers, stickers and covers with deceptive but realistic appearances. The decor has not finished surprising you ...

Wallpapers that deceive the decor

The trompe-l'oeil in the decor are numerous on the side of the walls, starting with wallpapers that imitate the material: crumpled paper effect, illusion of a brick facade, quilted style, there is something for everyone ! Thanks to digital printing techniques, some wallpapers even reproduce decorations or furniture down to the smallest details such as a bookcase laden with books, a slightly raised curtain, a wood-burning fireplace, a very fashionable dressing room, or a view of the garden that is placed on an entire wall to enlarge the space. Despite the flat support, the result is surprisingly realistic.

Wacky stickers

However, the visual sham does not stop there! The stickers also make us see fake objects like a panoply of accessories stored on the kitchen shelf or the elegant frame of a mirror. We can even play with illusion and reality: for example, by choosing a sticker in the shape of a wall lamp within which we hang a real bulb: the decor is offbeat but finely succeeds in its deception bet. The other smart option? Choose 3D stickers! A plant wall or animal heads coming out of the wall will create confusion ...

Putting on furniture: between illusion and reality

In terms of personalization of the furniture, if there are stickers "glamorous chairs" that we stick on transparent seats (on the armrests, on the seat, on the back and on the feet), this original concept has above all been honored by designer Marion Peeters for Grain de Couleur. The idea? A cover on which is drawn a chair in several styles and which covers the basic seat… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"