Green storage

Green storage

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Let's clean up! With eco-designed storage boxes or shelves. Made from recycled bamboo, felt, paper, cardboard or tires, these green storage spaces are also beautiful objects, design, colorful, original, to keep our eco-friendly house tidy up all year round.


At Muskhane, the specialist in eco-designed felt objects, you will find large baskets, smaller models, and even a very original storage nest, to hang.

Recycled paper

As for Best Before, recycled paper is in the spotlight with baskets of different sizes braided by hand. For children, pretty colored boxes made of recycled cardboard will allow them to tidy up while decorating their room.


Ekobo also offers accessories for the table and also practical storage boxes for the kitchen: the Modulo, which can also be used for the desk in pencil holder or in the bathroom, for your make-up or brush teeth.

Recycled tire

At Wild Reeds, the furniture is in tires. You will find storage boxes made by hand, very robust and water resistant. As the material is rigid, you can even sit on it!