How can housework put you in a good mood?

How can housework put you in a good mood?

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Let's not hide our faces: cleaning has never been and never will be an activity for which we jump for joy. After we were told that this was the case for some but we have never personally encountered it. Most people tend to agree that it is a necessary evil, that the result is worth it, but if we could do without it we would immediately ask where to sign. Seen from this angle, it's really difficult to get down to work. This is why we have been full of arguments to demonstrate that cleaning can be a real source of pleasure when you think about it.

Household removes stress and depression

It may be cliché but it is true that cleaning at home also allows cleaning in his head. And this is scientifically proven! According to a study published in an English newspaper, 20 minutes of active cleaning, once a week, would be enough to reduce stress and to relieve depression (in the same way as a good workout). Finally, cleaning makes it possible to manipulate objects that surround you in everyday life, which brings back happy memories linked to these objects. All of this combined suggests that housekeeping is the quick fix for calming down.

A broom to chase away black ideas - and to entertain the cat

Cleaning makes you active

To those who complain that they never have time for sports, we can answer that cleaning is a physical activity like any other. Vacuuming or cleaning your shower involves a series of movements that increase your heart rate. It will not replace the gym for the maintenance of your muscles (unless your brush weighs 20 kilos) but it has the merit of keeping you in shape especially if the cleaning gestures are repetitive and frequent. If some advise in addition to contracting the buttocks during ironing, it can not hurt but to set the bar too high you end up not even wanting to start.

Housekeeping keeps you in shape

If the household does not completely transform you into a muscle man or woman, it at least has the merit of making you a healthy person. In a regularly cleaned environment, microbes and other dirt (that's the case) don't have time to proliferate. Be careful, however, to use only organic and natural household products: if you replace a dusty atmosphere with an environment saturated with chemicals, not sure that the desired effect is there. Cleaning can go through the opening of windows every morning in the rooms to allow good ventilation of your interior. Just that and you will already breathe better at home.

A clean interior does not mean a sanitized interior but an interior ready to receive friends.

Cleaning makes you more sociable

When its interior is clean and tidy, we welcome friends unexpectedly. When this is not the case, we apologize to our guests for this bazaar and we are angry to receive under these conditions. In the most extreme cases, some even refuse to open the door and avoid friendly relations so as not to have to reveal their interior. Considering that cleaning is not only a mark of self-esteem but also for others, we accept this activity better because it is associated with positive thoughts. To say that we are washing at home because friends could arrive without warning actually puts us in a very good mood.

Cleaning saves you money

Unfortunately no one has yet been paid to clean their own interior but when you think about it, cleaning up can save you money, or at least not spend it unnecessarily. A house like any object degrades more slowly when it is maintained. This also applies to all the devices around you. It's a safe bet that if you regularly clean your oven, you can still use it for many years. Conversely, a poorly maintained oven may deteriorate very quickly and in this case it will have to be repaired or replaced, which implies additional charges.

What if, to make even more savings, you make your own cleaning products?

Cleaning allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time

The sentence sounds strange and yet with the explanation, this makes perfect sense. To really enjoy a moment of relaxation, it is better to be in an environment that does not interfere with your mind. This is typically the case with a messy interior. Imagine that you are watching your television series comfortably seated on your sofa. If, next to your television screen, sits a pile of ironing clothes, your brain risks making a mental ping-pong between “Oh damn I still have all this to iron!” And “Ah but who is it the murderer ?". Result, you will be half in your series and the other half in household concerns and it is well known that being everywhere, you really find yourself nowhere.


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