How a mirror can change a room

How a mirror can change a room

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Every day in the bathroom, he sends you our wink. The mirror is essential in the home, practical but also decorative. Standing, hanging on the wall, sometimes even bright, it finds its place everywhere. But it also has many advantages: it enlarges a room, illuminates it, gives it cachet ... We tell you everything!

A mirror enlarges a room

How about playing on optical illusions? Ideal for small spaces, a well placed mirror opens up new perspectives: it visually pushes back the walls. We give you several ideas for cunning: - hang a giant mirror on a whole section of wall: it will give the impression, as in the film Fanfan, of having a room that is twice its size. Of course, such a mirror is expensive. You can, however, put several large mirrors next to each other for a substantially identical experience. - place a mirror at the end of a piece of furniture: a table, a console, a low piece of furniture… the latter seems ultra-long, and therefore the room looks larger. - to give a multidimensional view to your room, also think about placing a mirror on the floor facing the door: when you enter it, it gives a real perspective on the adjoining rooms - at the bottom of a long room, it gives the impression that it is prolonged - and if you put two mirrors face to face, you enter into a game of reflection to infinity by multiplying the perspectives!

A classic mirror, but placed on the floor for a less conventional use and above all a beautiful perspective highlighting the moldings The shape and size of the mirror also play a big role in the desired visual effect: bet on a long mirror to give width to your room, especially if it is small. While to give height, a long, narrow, vertical mirror will be perfect. Magic mirror, which changes the proportions of a room! We decorate, we energize and we play it smart! What more ?

A mirror, to bring light

The best known trick is to hang or place a mirror on the floor against a wall, facing a window: the light effect is prolonged, duplicated, and one has the real impression of having a second window in the room . The larger your mirror, the more light it reflects. But the effect will also be multiplied if you choose to make a wall of mirrors: of all sizes, of all shapes ... Accumulation has as much a decorative effect as a useful light reflection! The light seems to be caught, and seems to bounce from one to the other. You can also play with the mirrors to create original light effects. Position mirrors on certain pieces of furniture, on doors for example, to create breaths and games of new looks that attract and refract light. Depending on how you hang your mirrors, their shapes, you get different light atmospheres in your room: cozy, warm, bright ... Experiment, play on the heights, the location and tame the reflections of light! And in the bathroom? Adorned with neon lights, a lighted tube, backlit ... the mirror itself is a source of light. Perfect for close shaving, it will also shed light on your makeup sessions. An additional accent light and an undeniable decorative touch, a perfect two in one.

Near a window, this composition of mirrors infinitely reflects light and stands out as an original and unstructured decorative asset. WE love !

A mirror, for the decorative touch

Today, you really have a choice when looking to buy a mirror. Small, adhesive, bright, classic, vintage or modern… Rounded for a touch of softness in the room, more stylish or design to catch the eye. There is something for every taste.

Poetic and charming mirror with this copper metal which gives it a romantic touch, it would be perfect for a girl's room or an office! For each room, you will find a suitable mirror: - In the bathroom, we use it for its primary use: the reflection of our image. So we put it up to everyone (we do not forget the smallest by putting a second mirror at their level) and we choose it simple, possibly flash, small on a wardrobe or large on a wall ... Make according to your desire ! -In your bedroom or in your hallway, a large vertical mirror allows you to take a look at her look before leaving. - In a living room, placing a large mirror above a piece of furniture (a bed, a sofa) gives perspective to the wall behind, and gives a nice setting. - In a child's room, opt for a mirror with a funny shape, colors or mirror stickers: in the shape of a princess, of pirates, with a mustache in the center… Playful, they also allow the child to play quickly with his image. Widely used on the ground in the Montessori method, a large mirror allows babies to gradually understand that this other, in the mirror, is themselves, and to appropriate their body.

Playful decor, they bring an extra touch of play in the children's room Hanging or placed on the floor, nothing prevents you from twisting the codes, creating shapes on the wall, putting them in frieze, like a frame around a photo ... Or to play with optical effects: perfectly adjusted to the front of a library for example, it can outright retract it to your gaze, depending on where you stand ...

A mirror, the energy asset of feng-shui

The mirror reflects everything, both good and bad! In feng shui, it is said to help the Chi to flow harmoniously. It creates a warm, cozy atmosphere for your home. Are you going to install a mirror? Face him, and watch what he reflects: is it positive? Negative? Does it reflect pretty things or the blinding sun? Will it dazzle you, slow you down? Facing a window, it allows you to reflect the good vibes in the room endlessly. It is advisable to also place it in front of a plant, or objects with rounded shapes. On the other hand, you never place a mirror in front of the bed for fear of preventing the sleeper from sleeping or in front of the front door, unless you like to surprise all your guests and make them uncomfortable. We don't want to put the Chi outside! Placed in staggered rows, they will allow the Chi to wiggle quietly. It will feed the pieces gently.

This pretty mirror gives an authentic side to your interior and will help the Chi to circulate And don't forget, in feng shui as in general, a mirror must be placed at eye level (around 1.70 m). In short, we do not hesitate to put mirrors, but we think about their place, what they will return.


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