Successful decoration "wild"

Successful decoration "wild"

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Living in the heart of nature or in the tropics, we all dream about it, right? Especially when you live in town and you are not lucky enough to have a garden. So to avoid moving, you bring nature directly into your home. And that's good because the summer trend is "wild" and wild decor. Here are some tips for a successful tropical decor and a good mood in your interior.

Play the vegetable card

Who says "wild" decoration, says nature and therefore vegetation! Do not hesitate to play the plant and exotic menu to the full. Vegetation must be your common thread to give the impression of changing scenery and being in the heart of nature. Of course, the ideal is to have plants in your interior but if you don't have a green thumb, bet on exotic prints in your decor. Changing your household linen is a good tip for redecorating a room. A few palm cushions on the sofa, a bedspread with hibiscus leaves ... and voila. Also use the walls by hanging posters that evoke the jungle or the tropics. You can also boost a white wall with a strip of tropical wallpaper with large leaf patterns: the jungle as if you were, but without falling into the total look!

Favor natural materials

To temper the vegetable side, it is softened with furniture or objects with natural or raw materials, such as wood or rattan. Not the budget or the desire to change your furniture? Slide baskets of rush or wicker storage on the floor in your living room or a end of rattan sofa. If your interior is small, use the walls instead to avoid cluttering the space by hanging a rattan mirror or a few raffia frames. You can also accessorize your different living rooms with natural wooden objects (tray, candle holder ...) or dishes to give a "natural" spirit to your room, especially if you have already opted for tropical patterns.

Daring shades of blues and greens

Who thinks of nature lets his mind wander in a universe where the blue of the sky and the sea blends with the lush green of the most exotic forests! You can therefore mix these two colors without any fear and combine perfectly with each other, but also with natural materials such as wood. The blue lagoon, azure or turquoise, which combined with certain shades of green such as emerald green or mint green, will give your interior the look of a tropical postcard. All that's missing is the sun and the sound of the waves ... Of course, you don't have to repaint everything in green or blue from floor to ceiling. the idea is rather to bring small touches of color with accessories such as a pretty hanging lamp in green paper, a colored vase or crockery in mismatched green or blue tones, which will bring an exotic note to your pretty tables. summer. In all cases, whether you adopt the "wild" trend in total look or in small touches, remember that the key to a successful decor is personalization but above all the mixture of genres. So do not hesitate to mix the different styles you like without losing sight of your objective: bringing nature into your home! For more decorating tips, don't hesitate to visit Annouchka, Anne's blog!

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