Happiness is in green plants, it's proven!

Happiness is in green plants, it's proven!

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Camille: "Gardening at home helps me disconnect"

At home, the kitchen worktop or a coffee table is enough for gardening  

When Camille returns home after a long day spent behind the computer, she always begins by taking care of the little indoor jungle that she grows in her two-room apartment. "After hours spent in front of the screen, nothing relaxes me as much as gardening, she explains. I water, I cut a leaf, I cut a succulent, I repot an orchid and I think of nothing 'other for a few minutes. The manual activity that this does me good, I forget everything else, and I especially like to see the plants grow and flourish under my roof ... "For scientists, the good- being Camille's is a reality that can be demonstrated by measurable physiological symptoms, such as low blood pressure, sagging muscles and a better heart rate. According to an Australian study, the mere presence of plants could even reduce stress by 37% and fatigue by 38%! Gardening therapy, or hortitherapy, is more and more recognized in the fight against anxiety. So the next blow to the blues, go buy some pretty green plants and repot!

Thomas: "Living at the rhythm of plants allows you to put things into perspective"

In town, city dwellers no longer hesitate to cultivate hanging gardens to reconnect with nature  

With Thomas and Elisabeth, there are plants everywhere, in every room, in every corner. "After both of us were raised in the countryside, we now live in an urban environment and we miss the garden, says Thomas. Since we started growing plants indoors, we have reconnected with the rhythm of the seasons. Elisabeth cultivates a vegetable garden on the windowsill, I have an incredible collection of cacti and we love to follow the growth of our plants season after season. Here, it is the plants that set the tempo, and not the ring tones of our phones! " Are green plants the solution to the ills of city dwellers? Yes, but also of all those who spend too much time connected to their computers, stuck in traffic jams or in public transport, without contact with nature. The Homo sapiens that we are are losing our bearings and our biological clock is turned upside down! By coexisting with a multitude of plants, we simply set the record straight ...

Emma: "Gardening at home allows us to get together as a family"

From 3 years old, children enjoy taking care of plants  

First of all, Emma wishes to clarify a point: she has absolutely no green thumb! But when she saw that her children thought the salads were growing in the supermarket, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "With Nora, 7 and Rémi, 4, we started by growing lentils in cotton. And oh, surprise, it grew wonderfully and we were all overjoyed! Then we planted tulip bulbs and sowed poppy seeds in a planter and the three of us became addicted to gardening. Now we're growing strawberries, tomatoes, parsley and basil on the windows, succulents in the kids' room, avocados in the kitchen and lots of plants in the living room! The children are responsible for watering and they regularly watch over our plantations. This is a real privileged moment between us. " So if your children spend too much time watching cartoons and video games, put their hands in the ground!

Vincent: "I realized the power of plants in the office"

In the office too, the presence of plants increases concentration and well-being, as here in Stéphanie's office on the Big Beauty blog…  

"A few years ago, my boss read a study which stated that plants in companies fight against absenteeism and increase creativity by 45% and productivity by 12%, remembers Vincent, graphic designer. an interior landscaper who came to put green plants in all the open space, and I admit I was rather skeptical! But to my surprise, I took great pleasure in going to work, I I felt better and I worked more. When I started freelancing, I started by investing in ficus, ferns and suspended plants and since then I can not imagine my office without this plant cocoon which helps me find inspiration! " When you know that plants also have depolluting properties, that they reduce the carbon dioxide rate and that they maintain an optimal humidity level, we say that yes, happiness is in green plants, definitely!


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