Where to install a mirror in a room?

Where to install a mirror in a room?

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Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me where to place you in the room ... You fell for a mirror but you do not know where to put it? You are right to hesitate because the mirrors do not arise anywhere, certain places being particularly strategic. Our advice to properly place your mirror according to the room.

Install a mirror in the living / dining room

In the living-dining room, the possibilities are endless. If the mirror has a decorative function here, it will also reflect natural light and enlarge the room, provided you place it in the right place. Whatever its style, the mirror is most often attached to the wall behind the sofa. If you want to give height to the room, in this case place it vertically. If you are a tenant and don't want to make ugly holes in the wall, you can very well put your mirror on a low piece of furniture, a sideboard or a chest of drawers And if you like the baroque style and have a fireplace, take advantage of it to put a vintage mirror with gilding on it; in this case no need to fix it to the wall. Good to know : to reflect the light, place your mirror in front of the windows. However, be careful not to place it directly in front of it to avoid glare and too direct reflections.

Install a mirror in the bedroom

In the bedroom, if the mirror allows you to take a look at your figure and check your outfit, it is also to be considered as a decorative element. In this case, the "large" models like the mirror mirrors are placed vertically, not far from the dressing room. And to flatter yourself a little during the fittings, do as in clothing stores by tilting the mirror slightly upwards, a good way to visually refine the silhouette! If you have a small bedroom, fix your mirror on the front door or on the dressing room. Good to know : one of the principles of feng shui does not recommend placing a mirror in front of the bed. Also avoid placing it directly in front of your desk to avoid distraction.

Install a mirror in the hallway

On the corridor side, all tastes are allowed! We hardly think of placing mirrors in this often neglected place when they have their place and legitimized. The mirrors will decorate the walls and visually enlarge this generally narrow passageway. As with a wall of frames, collect and fix your mirrors at different heights by varying sizes and models. The sun and witch mirrors are perfect in this case. Good to know : placing a mirror at the end of the corridor systematically gives it depth and directs the gaze towards the back of the room.

Install a mirror in the entrance

A mirror at the entrance is ideal for checking your clothes before leaving. So place it in the entrance, it will also decorate it. However, be careful not to place it in front of the door, otherwise you will see yourself as soon as you return home in the evening. Remember, the mirror is there to flatter you, not to scare you or make you uncomfortable. Here, the mirrors are generally chosen oval and placed above the hall furniture.

Install a mirror in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the mirror combines practicality and aesthetics. If it remains primarily functional, do not forget to choose a model that you like and matches the decor of the room, because you will see it more often than you think! The mirror is fixed to the wall above the vanity unit. If you have two basins, do not hesitate to place a mirror above each model, i.e. two identical mirrors in total. Good to know : for a shabby chic decor, put your vintage mirror directly on the vanity unit, without fixing it to the wall, for more authenticity.