Couple: our storage tips so that everyone can find their belongings!

Couple: our storage tips so that everyone can find their belongings!

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Settling in with your loved one is a great new adventure! Very beautiful, but the ideal is not to spoil it with questions of order ... or disorder! To start a good life together, it is better to organize so that everyone feels comfortable and can find their way around. To help you, here are our storage tips so that everyone can find their belongings easily!

Have your own space in the room

To avoid wrinkling the shirts of the gentleman and damaging the heels of the lady, the ideal is to keep your things separate. For that, you can buy two dressers or two cupboards: each his own. Take them identical or at least in the same collection to harmonize the furniture in your room. If you are lucky enough to have a dressing room, divide your belongings in very separate spaces. Each side, decorated with baskets and fabric slots to store all the small parts. You can then organize your belongings by category (dresses, skirts, pants, costumes, etc.), or even by color!

Expose your business to keep an eye on it

If you are afraid of losing your belongings or that your other half is putting them away in an improbable place, display them in an open wardrobe or on shelves fixed to the wall. You can store your favorite books, favorite trinkets bought on your last trips, dishes inherited from your grandmother, or anything else. Make your business decorative elements harmoniously integrated into the rest of the room.

Tote furniture

Do you have a lot of belongings but don't know where to store them? Buy a platform bed below which you can place storage. Plastic, fabric or custom storage boxes: everything is possible! Each of you can have your things tidy in different locations.

Use the built-in cupboards correctly

If you are lucky enough to have several closets built into your pretty cozy nest, assign a function to each of them. One will be used as a pantry and the other as storage for the boxes of your small household appliances that you want to keep (for example). You can also divide the shelves so that each of you has your own space. Be smart: reserve the lower shelves for the smaller of you two and vice versa!

Organize the bathroom

The bathroom is often THE room invaded by all of Madame's beauty products ... And Monsieur has a lot of trouble finding his way around all this. Use storage boxes: they will be your best allies to organize yourself better. A box for beauty products, one for nail polish, another for your shampoo stock or another for cleaning products. Again, you can share the spaces so that everyone can put their belongings in. Another piece of advice: for household peace, reserve an additional space for the one of you who has the most business!


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