Survival guide in a small bathroom

Survival guide in a small bathroom

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We all dream of a large bathroom with a shower and a bathtub (possibly whirlpool), double sinks and enough space to be used by others without being shy. However, the reality is sometimes different and we have to deal with a small bathroom, sometimes blind. Do not panic ! There are multiple tips to help you make the most of the size of your bathroom and survive brilliantly in this small space and give it the appearance of a large one. We have lots of interior design tips to optimize this room, we will explain everything to you!

Play with the color of your bathroom

The idea is not to overload the walls of your small room with a multitude of colors by opting for a solid color. This small room must be warm and cozy to feel good but be careful not to feel oppressed by the colors too present. Contrary to popular belief, an immaculate white will rather give a cold even medical aspect to your room. So what is the ideal color for your small bathroom? Rather opt for light colors, yes, but prefer an off-white or nude shade, powdery, neutral colors to enlarge your room while bringing a little softness. You will bring touches of color with your accessories or even your bath towels.

A pretty powder blue for a small Zen bathroom

Expand your space

If your bathroom does not have a window to the outside, you can however enlarge it with a mirror. Indeed, adding a large mirror in a small room will allow you to play with the proportions, its reflection will visually enlarge the room, create a perspective, multiply the light and bring a feeling of openness. Besides, your lighting is also very important. Choose it functional (to allow you to make up, to shave) and warm with bulbs of medium intensity, you can also multiply the light sources. A ceiling light for general lighting, LEDs around your mirror. Similarly, rather than a shower curtain that obstructs your view, we strongly recommend that you install a shower screen today very easily. This splash-proof glass will not break up the space in your room and will certainly widen it. Besides, unlike shower curtains, a window is very easy to clean and has a much longer lifespan. To bring a feeling of space to this small room, it is very important to be able to move around it easily. Clearly, do not leave anything lying on the ground and prefer tall storage. The floor must be accessible and clean. You can for this use all your height under the ceiling to arrange narrow but high storage. Let’s talk about furniture or shelves that you will have yourself. You'll quickly get into the habit of putting what you need close at hand and the things you use less frequently, at height.

A mirror in the bathroom, useful for getting a beauty and visually enlarging the room!

Organize your bathroom!

It is very important for a room to give a feeling of space that it is rid of the superfluous. It is often the accumulation of accessories, objects, beauty products that give a feeling of constant mess. A little advice, first make a big sorting and a vacuum cleaning! What you have not used for several months, you can throw it away - be careful to bring your medication back to the pharmacy. And for the rest, invest in identifiable color boxes, to store all your items in order of priority. Add to your organizer drawers to sort and easily find everything you need. Free the edges of your shower or bathtub from all care and beauty products by adding soap dishes or metal shelves fitted with suction cups. Your shower and your bathtub will suddenly give you a feeling of rediscovered space!

We sort out our cupboards!

Exploit every corner

Observe your room and take advantage of every corner of your bathroom. Consider adding hooks to the walls to hang your accessories. Add coat hooks to your door for your bath towels and bathrobe. Magnets in the mirror for everyday things. Also, use all the space available under your sink to avoid losing any space. Take advantage of this space to install sliding drawers that will be useful for accommodating your towels like your beauty products, or your household products! Do not hesitate to add pockets to the walls of your closets, they will be used to store all those little things you never know or put (tweezers, makeup, razors, cotton swabs, etc.). With all these tips you will make your small bathroom , a great wellness area!