A mirror in the entrance: how to choose it?

A mirror in the entrance: how to choose it?

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In a main entrance, decoration is extremely important. On the one hand, it is the first room in which your guests will enter and therefore make their first impression on your interior. On the other hand, it requires a special arrangement according to its surface, its size and your furniture. Regarding the mirror - essential accessory of this space - it is important to choose it carefully so as not to be mistaken. Here are our tips for choosing the ideal model.

Opt for an oval mirror that will enlarge the space

In a main entrance, the mirror is often placed near the entrance door, and more precisely on a wall perpendicular to the opening, so that you can peek at yourself before leaving. Prefer an oval-shaped model - which covers your entire face - or rectangular so that you can place makeup or perfume on an edge. A mirror of this type will also allow you to enlarge the space, especially if it is narrow.

Brighten up the room with a large mirror

If your room is very small, choose a large mirror. You can either fix it on the wall, from floor to ceiling, or place it on a cupboard door or opt for sliding dressing doors with a mirror effect so you can see yourself from the bottom. Another tip: install a psyche mirror in front of a closet to be able to do the last fittings before leaving your home. Try to fix it on the wall, in front of a window to bring more light and prevent it from taking up too much space.

Place a decorative mirror above a console

The console is often the piece of furniture found in an entrance. To enhance it without weighing it down, choose a nice mirror edged in a dark or coppery color. You can hunt for a fairly decorative model without it being too original for it to remain in the same style as your furniture. There are very trendy models to hang with a leather link or a little "jewelry" or a sun mirror to brighten up a small room. Do not hesitate to add some green plants to accentuate the Zen spirit of this type of mirror.

Create a small personalized decoration corner

You don't want your mirror to take up all the space, but you want it to fit into a well-defined framework? Consider creating a little beauty corner in your entry, on a small piece of furniture or a chest of drawers for example. Install a square or rectangular mirror, with shutters in a more Provencal style, and add decorative accessories.

You can also highlight a bench or a bench located in the entrance with a table mirror or XXL mirror.

Having a multifunction mirror for more convenience

In a small entrance, it is better to optimize the space. This is why, you can install ingenious pieces of furniture like these mirrors which are also equipped with a coat rack more or less large to accommodate your jackets, headphones, handbag or umbrella and a storage compartment to pose your keys and your mail as soon as you pass the door.