Using your chimney safely: the precautions to take

Using your chimney safely: the precautions to take

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Preventing accident risks

If you have a open fireplace, it will be necessary to redouble vigilance compared to a chimney with foyer closed or to a insert.

Never leave your fire unattended, especially if you have small children and always place a protective grid (in metal, wrought iron, etc.) in front of the fireplace to avoid embers and sparks. Whenever possible, do not place curtains, rugs and fabrics too close to the fire to avoid the risk of fire. Also think aboutaeration never forget to always put out the fire before you go to bed or leave your house.

Choosing your fuel knowingly

Dry wood allows less smoke to be released and therefore prevents premature clogging of your chimney flue. You can also directly dry wood in a shelter, whose sides remain open, in your garden. In addition, some owners prefer to use fire starters with a little newsprint, which are faster and more environmentally friendly. Odorless, these small white squares make it easier to activate the flames, which is therefore more practical in winter.

What you should not do

Whatever you choose as fuel to start a chimney fire and get a nice blaze, never burn painted wood, cardboard, plastic or glossy magazines. Doing so may block your chimney and pollute the ambient air. Do not use methylated spirits either. As for the other members of the family, it is very important to educate the little ones so that they take care when passing by the fireplace and that they never throw anything into it.

Maintain your chimney regularly

After each use of your fireplace, you must remove the excess ash in the home. Be aware that you can possibly recycle them by using them as fertilizer in the garden.

For further maintenance, you will need to have your chimney swept by a professional once or twice a year (including once in winter, during the so-called heating period), under penalty of a fine ranging from 45 to 180 euros. . Theinsulation of your home must also be checked regularly in order to comply with standards.

Must install a smoke detector

This device is now mandatory in all homes in France since March 8, 2015. You must install one on each floor of your house, and especially the ceiling near the fireplace. The DAAF (Autonomous Smoke Alarm Detector) will ring as soon as smoke is released in the room to warn you as soon as possible of the risk of fire. Despite the installation of the latter, do not forget to have your electrical, gas and heating installations but also your chimney checked.


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