4 tips to create a chalet atmosphere in your living room

4 tips to create a chalet atmosphere in your living room

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When winter arrives, the living room becomes a refuge for cocooning family moments. Wood furniture, warm materials or soft lights, Alinéa shares with you very simple tips to bring a chalet atmosphere in your living room.

1.Choose a leather sofa

To find the interior of a chalet at home, you have to combine comfort with rusticity. Leather is the ideal material for the centerpiece of the living room, the sofa. It immediately creates an atmosphere that is both cozy and opulent. For evenings with your tribe, opt for a large 3-seater sofa, like the TINO sofa, aged chocolate color with leather effect. With its fine armrests, it will take up little space in your living room while offering you a beautiful space of comfort.

2. Prefer wooden furniture

Who says chalet, says wood! This natural material is essential for warm the atmosphere of a room . The only thing missing is the fireplace! To stay in the chalet theme, prefer raw wood furniture, such as the SIWA coffee table in oak or the YAM end table in beech. If you can recover solid wood logs or old stumps, it's even better.

3. Play the faux fur card

What could be better than a cozy blanket to believe you are in the mountains? There are many models in faux fur, perfect for playing the living room card like chalet: ROSA TEXT white or CASTOR TEXT gray, choose your color! Don't forget the sheepskin-style carpet, like the ultra-cozy BUNDCHEN.

4. Promote soft lighting

In a chalet, convivial evenings do not require electricity: we remind candle lighting for a cozy touch! In your living room, promote a subdued atmosphere with small dots of light : indoor garland with bulbs or auxiliary lamp like the ETOILE model or the NATURE SCANDINAVIAN lantern. Without forgetting the essential candle jars, like NORA, in the shape of a small chalet! You will understand, to transform your living room into a warm chalet with rustic chic, use materials that evoke nature such as leather or wood. To brighten up the decor, also bring a seasonal vegetable touch with a few branches in a vase or a garland of pine cones!

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