Mismatched chairs sit at the table

Mismatched chairs sit at the table

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Mismatched chairs are second to none in boredom in the dining room. Mixing styles, colors and shapes around your table however requires following a red thread. How to succumb to the trend of eclecticism without lack of taste? Alinéa tells you everything.

Merry melting pot of shapes and colors

The melting pot around the table, we love it! Each guest goes there with their history, their anecdotes, their culture and their personality ... so much so that it is completely impossible to get bored. Invite mismatched chairs around his table creates the same effect, inspires the same energy. The mixture is there: the duck blue chair here, the mustard yellow chair on the other side, and the model with Scandinavian charm just opposite… And yet beyond the apparent differences, the harmony of shapes and colors is born who chat happily around the table. The rendering is both plural and unique, mismatched and unparalleled, a bit offbeat, nothing informal and the most beautiful visual effect.

Find a common thread

To make this beautiful world interact around the table, the first golden rule is to find a common thread. It could be:
A model The wisest will, for example, communicate XENA chairs of different colors around the table. The rustic design of these rattan and solid birch chairs combine with the colors of the range to create the surprise of a table with bohemian accents, perfectly anchored in the spirit of the times. Same Same but different…
A color Why not invite a whole range of different models of blue around the table? The color block works every time! And if you feel like nuancing everything, you can always invite one or two yellow chairs to take part in the debate.
A period Here we mix chairs of the same era to have fun without taking risks. We have a weakness for the sixties and seventies trends, which, by the way, also coexist very well between them.
A style

Whether vintage, industrial or flea market, styles come in multiple forms which are alike to better assemble… Mix for example the ABBY, JOYAU and DAPHNE chairs with a Scandinavian look, and oh miracle: they get along perfectly!
Material Do you like rattan? Why choose only one model? Choose them all and multiply the shapes!
A shape The shape of the seat or the base can also be a guideline for the project. Here, we keep the spirit of the form and we multiply the colors as desired. A 100% mismatched set Admittedly, you have to dare, but while retaining a neutral base (walls and floors), the exercise gives life to beautiful staging that transcends the chairs into real collectibles. Go crazy and… make your bets!

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