Make a wardrobe with wardrobe

Make a wardrobe with wardrobe

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Here are the steps to make a wardrobe like Valérie Damidot and her team. When the room is small, for example in a hallway or the entrance, making a dressing room makes it possible to better organize the space. Follow this step by step to create a small decorative wardrobe, perfect for small spaces.

Step 1: the material

To make your dressing room, you need: a hole saw, two wooden bases, a rod in raw wood, two thick boards and a sander.

Step 2: sanding the wood

First, sand the base of the dressing room.

Step 3: the notches for the shelf

Then make a notch on the sanded base.

Step 4: mounting the shelf

Then slide the boards into the notch to form the sides of the dressing room.

Step 5: the height for the rod

Then choose the height of the rod.

Step 6: the hole saw

Make a hole in the board using the hole saw before placing the rod in it.

Step 7: painting the dressing room

For finishing, just paint the dressing room in harmony with the colors of the room.

Step 8: installing the rod

After screwing the base to the board, complete the work by installing the rod and fixing the shelves.

Compare them development price of your dressing room: Wardrobe, shelf, rack, storage box.


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