Au Caillou Amoureux: the small, ethnic and unusual boutique

Au Caillou Amoureux: the small, ethnic and unusual boutique

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An Ali Baba cave, ethnic version… This is how we can describe this unusual shop in the center of Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine (92). Opened in April 2007, the shop is full of rare objects brought back from around the world by its fifty suppliers: mammoth shins, fossils, bird nests in still life, African masks, recycled objects from Asia ... For two years , Thierry Meunier lives his passion, sharing his taste for objects with a history: a chandelier made from recycled tomato cans, found in Africa, a mirror made of moped tires, an armchair for children made of electric wire or a beaded vase made in Asia . For my part, I fell for a round African mask of 1 meter in diameter representing a god of the harvests, a splendor that has adorned my living room for a year. Regularly, doing my market on Saturday, I pay him a visit. An address that I recommend to all lovers of ethnic or industrial decor. It is also a mine of gift ideas! Au Caillou Amoureux 14, esplanade des courtieux 92150 Suresnes Tel. 01 47 72 58 84> More info


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