Laying tiles on the wall

Laying tiles on the wall

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Preliminary calculations

To calculate the quantity of tiles you need, measure the surface of the walls and allow about 10% margin for breakage, cuts - and possible future replacements. Ignore small obstacles such as a wall-mounted sink or gas water heater, as they "consume" a lot of tiles given the cuts they involve. Be sure to buy all the necessary tiles at once to avoid slight variations in color that may exist from one batch to another.


To decide on the best arrangement of the tiling and to balance the cuts, make a precise plan, on graph paper, taking into account the width of the joints, or carry out a "blank" installation (without glue) of two perpendicular rows, fixing the tiles with double-sided tape. In general, cuts are thrown down - no cuts near the ceiling or against a slab - or toward the back of a work surface.

The support

Wall tiles are generally laid on plaster plaster, plasterboard or plaster tiles. It is not necessary to fill in very fine cracks and the holes left by the pegs, but on the other hand it is necessary to treat living cracks by covering them, otherwise the tiles themselves will crack. You can also tile a painted wall, provided that the paint is in good condition (sand with coarse sandpaper, especially lacquers). Remove poorly adhered paints and wallpapers. Laying on old tiles is possible, but it is better to expose the wall.

Tools & materials

• Notched spatula
Tiler squeegee
Tile cutter
Tiler pliers
Trace point
Spirit level -
Tile adhesive or adhesive mortar
Joint cement

What glue?

There are, essentially, two types of adhesive for the wall tiles: the adhesive mortar, to mix in water, and the paste adhesive, ready to use and presented in pot or bucket. these two products have comparable qualities (prefer the second for installation on wood-based panels) Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005


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