Tutorial for children: a special herbarium for end of year celebrations

Tutorial for children: a special herbarium for end of year celebrations

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Ah the magic of Christmas and its preparations! The whole family wants to participate! So we cogitated and we found THE right idea that will bring everyone together: collect dead leaves and then customize them to make a pretty herbarium. The opportunity therefore for a family walk - children often drag their feet when they do not have a good reason to go out with their noses - then a manual activity, fun and easy, all together. The other advantage of this DIY is that once finished, you can slide it under the tree. This herbarium will delight a godmother, grandparents or an uncle! Shall we show you?


- Dead leaves - A glass and brass frame - Golden glitter powder - Transparent gel glue - another option: glitter gel Optional: - A brush - A plate - A cloth

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 1 hour - not including the walk in the forest or the park and the drying time!


1. Go for a walk in the forest or in a park and take a newspaper cone; a plastic bag will also do the trick. Do not hesitate to pick up any dead leaves that you find pretty and that are not damaged. Be careful when handling them!

2. You may need to run a slightly damp cloth over the selected sheets. Warn children to clean them carefully: they are fragile!

3. Then drag the chosen dead leaves into a book or magazine. Wait at least 24 hours, ideally 48 hours for them to dry and flatten out between the pages of the books.

4. When they are ready, put gel glue on them. Have fun placing it on the grooves, around the leaf or on one side. Then sprinkle with golden glitter. We advise you to use a plate so as not to put it everywhere! You can also, for more precision, apply the glitter with a brush.

Good to know For the material, you have the choice between powder glitter associated with glue or glitter gel (which sticks directly). With the glitter gel, the technique is faster but better suited to children around 8 years old because it requires a little skill for the application. You will also get a more raised result and the glitter is less condensed. To involve young people (from 3-4 years) we advise you to opt for powdered glitter. Put a small pile of glitter directly on the plate. Your loustics will just have to pass over the dead leaf. Funny and efficient!

5. Let the decorated leaves dry for a few hours.

6. Slide several sheets into the frame to make an assortment. Do not hesitate to deposit a point of glue on one of the glasses to keep the sheets too thin which could slip. Then close the frame.


This very simple and inexpensive DIY is now ready to be wrapped and slipped under the tree!

Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your super herbaria via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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