5 recycled gift paper ideas for your Christmas gifts

5 recycled gift paper ideas for your Christmas gifts

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Pack your Christmas gifts without putting your green conscience in the yellow trash: it's possible! The editorial staff of dé breathes lots of ideas for recycled gift wrap to keep the pleasure of giving.

Kraft paper, lace, raffia, fir branches: the recipe for beautiful recycled gift paper

Monochrome brown recycled and revamped paper

How to pack your gifts in an eco-friendly way without sacrificing the pleasure of giving? Start of response with this first DIY recycled gift paper, made of old monochrome brown paper. We all have at the bottom of the laundry room, the closet or the famous "stuff box" old brown paper bags that have been sleeping since their first (and perhaps last) use at the vegetable store. Can't find them? Fall back on the kraft paper that accompanies packages and objects ordered on the internet. This diversion and recovery operation recycles them into pretty gift packaging. Main interest of monochrome brown paper? The apparent neutrality of its color makes it an object of creative recycling with endless possibilities. Decorate it with string (or red ribbon) and branches recovered from the tree and it is joined with Christmas colors. Adorn it with pompoms, confetti or garlands of pennants made with scraps of fabric: it becomes kids friendly and is about to create a sensation at the foot of the tree.

Customized newsprint with string and rosehip berries

Customized newsprint

Have you read the newspaper and the news is not good? Not everything is lost… With a little bit of string, a pretty ribbon, buttons and a little dexterity, your newsprint becomes a 100% eco-friendly recycled gift paper. Advantage and not least, it is easy to recover newspaper or magazines in large quantities. At the back of the attic, in the toilet briefcase, on the living room table: there is always a review, the newspaper from the previous day, or even advertising leaflets which, once read, are waiting to be reused. You will rather favor colored pages, crossword puzzles and / or patterns corresponding to the person to whom the gifts are intended. To give an extra soul to your newsprint packaging, nothing like a rosette, a label or a flower bud creation. Anything is possible as long as you customize the set.

Nobody will dare to tear this cute gift packaging!

Toilet paper rolls

No need to go back to the "shopping center" box to pack your Christmas gifts. The rolls of toilet paper from the last trip to the supermarket will do the trick (yes, yes!). Obviously you will not use them as is. To pimp your rolls of toilet paper, you have the choice between painting, ribbons, woolen threads, scraps of fabrics, raffia, old score from La Lettre à Élise and / or road map inherited from the era before the era. GPS… Then you just have to adopt the (very simple) folding technique and the Christmas gifts are ready! Ideal for gifts in small formats, the restyled toilet paper rolls combine creativity and ecology. And no, nature and trees are not (yet) at the end of the line…

Add color to your gift packs!

White paper

You no longer have gift wrap but still have lots of gifts to pack? Why not just use plain white paper? A little too minimalist for you? We want to understand it and to be honest we have the extra trick that will change everything: the masking tape! With your ribbon of colors, you will be able to cut decorative triangles or even write sweet words! Let your creativity speak: a little raffia, a sprig of rosemary, a snowflake, a star, a pine cone and your packaging is ready to make a splash ... at least as much as your gift!

The fabric for an original and even more mysterious gift wrap


The last is not the least, furoshiki is one of the most beautiful ways to wrap your gifts with recycling. If you do not yet know this Japanese art of knotting fabric, there is no doubt that you will adopt it without further delay. Inherited from a time when the Japanese transported their bentos in fabric bundles, the technique of furoshiki is ancestral. Fallen into oblivion after the Second World War, it is back in force on the front of the international scene. And for good reason, by following the paths of zero waste, the art of Japanese packaging offers a choice alternative to traditional gift wrap… And in addition to being eco-friendly, it's very beautiful! To create the surprise just with the packaging, you need: an old shirt, an old scarf or an old sheet. Once the folding and knotting technique has been adopted, all you have to do is pack your gift in your reusable fabric square… endlessly!