Bye bye sofa!

Bye bye sofa!

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Difficult to imagine a living room without a sofa? And yet, it is entirely possible to barter it for inspired alternatives, to gain space without losing style… It's up to you the designer and colorful chairs, cozy armchairs and comfortable daybeds!

Collect chairs

When we think of practical “sitting”, it is necessarily the chair that comes to mind first. If your living room is small, you can multiply it without risk of overloading the room. Especially since today, you will find very varied shapes and colors, to match or mismatch. You can for example decline the same model in different colors, like these pretty Abby chairs, without forgetting to offer some cozy accessories to sit on: beanbags, large cushions, a very soft carpet ... The sofa is not not the only source of living room comfort! And be aware that the room will appear all the larger if you can easily move around your furniture. In a small space, the watchword is optimization!

H2 Comfortable armchairs Nothing more welcoming than a well-wrapped armchair! Relax and reclining, round, convertible, winged, or beautiful club chair in vintage leather ... the armchairs create a warm atmosphere in your room. They make it possible to structure the space and to satisfy lovers of the cozy seat. Having several armchairs around a small table is for example an invitation to share moments of conviviality. And for an original and cozy touch, bet on the rocking armchairs that really give cachet to your living space, like the Emilia model, with its original colors (burgundy, mustard, ...) and its modern design.

Day bed and fireside chair

If you are looking to create a more relaxed atmosphere, consider the daybeds. They bring a lot of style to your interior, and give the desire for a peaceful nap with a book or tablet. They are also a great alternative to the sofa bed because, like the fireside chairs, they often provide extra beds for your guests and unfold in the blink of an eye. Comfortable and modern, they take up less space and yet are just as comfortable as a small sofa! So it's up to you to create the cocooning atmosphere that suits you, while optimizing your small living room at best so that you simply feel at home!

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