Focus on door curtains

Focus on door curtains

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Spread the word, decompartmentalization is in the spotlight. The trend is to separate from interiors where each room is trapped between four walls and a door. For more conviviality and clarity, nothing like knocking down this overflow of closures! Because they create a half-closure, door curtains are an ideal solution to separate the space without dividing it.

It's also an asset for sound or thermal insulation, especially if you have a front door that leads directly to the street.

In terms of decoration, unlike the doors, these accessories reveal all the charm of the passages, between the bedroom and the bathroom, between the kitchen and the living room. This allows you to dramatize your interior.

Dress an opening according to his style

The choice of a door curtain depends above all on the decoration of your apartment. The door curtain is here a decorative element but also a useful everyday object. It is therefore wise to choose it correctly.

  • Wood bead curtains or bamboo sticks: they are particularly suitable for boho or ethnic decoration. Natural, they are discreet but they obscure the opening of the door. Some models are printed with a pattern, for a decoration inspired by the 70s.
  • Multicolored tassels: it's perfect for a teenage bedroom or a studio. A real decorative element, you hang it as you would hang a hanging or a painting. You can have a very colorful decoration as well as a very sober decoration with this type of door curtain.
  • The wire curtains: made of synthetic fiber, these are the most discreet. They make no noise when the curtain is pulled apart. For a classic or sober interior, opt for a curtain of wire in a classic color such as black or brown. For a more glamorous interior, curtains of red, pink or even purple thread will be perfect!
  • Discs with baroque printing: like multicolored pendants, these door curtains are far from discreet. Made of plastic, choose them in discreet colors for a baroque-chic atmosphere.
  • Macrame curtains: for a boho chic decoration, dare the macrame door curtain. In thick cotton, it creates intimacy while letting the light of the room pass through its openwork details.

Make your own door curtains

The big DIY trend also affects door curtains. What could be better than making this decorative element yourself, so that it blends into our interior?

In a drugstore or boutique specializing in creative hobbies, buy wooden beads or colorful pendants. And let's go for DIY:

  • Step 1 : determine the length needed for your curtain. To do this, measure the distance between the top of the rod and the ground. Add 30cm to this figure and multiply the result by 2.
  • 2nd step : at the end of the fishing line, hang a ring, which will come to slide on the rod. Then thread the pearls on the fishing line, taking care to tie a knot after each pearl.
  • Step 3: repeat the operation on several fishing lines, until the full width of the door is covered.

If you are a fan of crochet or macrame, you can also make your own door curtains. For these, it will also be necessary to measure the width of the door, since you are going to make the curtain in one or two sections.

How to put a rod on a door?

The installation of a door curtain necessitates the installation ofa curtain rod. And yet the doors are not necessarily suitable for this type of installation.

Fortunately, there are suitable systems in the DIY store. Pivoting rods are fixed both on the door but also on the adjacent walls. They hold the curtain on the door while accompanying the opening or closing movement of the latter.

To choose the right swivel rod, it is necessary to carefully measure the height and width of the door, but also to identify the configuration of the frames.