The table is on its 31

The table is on its 31

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The menu is chosen, the invitations issued, all that remains is to set the table so that everything is ready. Do you want to impress and entertain? No crazy budget needed. Long live good ideas at low prices!

New Years Eve in color

Are you a fan of bohemian chic and long-distance travel? Why not imagine a colorful table? At Alinea, it is an integral part of the collections and is renewed each season. This winter, make way for warm hues and full of energy. Red, lime green or tropical blue, it is not because it is Christmas that we should stay classic! We like the COLORS line in earthenware which comes in six shades (from 1.99 € the deep plate). Another possibility is to have fun playing mix and match by combining plain and printed patterns. A little offbeat and daring, it gives charm to a table and changes the coordinated service. The stripes and polka dots to match beige (LADY line) in plates but also coffee cups. Ideal for playing the color card across the board. Last idea: what if we gave our menu to our dishes? If traditions are not your strong point, why not cook a Christmas couscous or a spice dish. Something to match with your colorful table!

A sparkling table

Another possibility is to opt for the total Christmas look and glitter colors. Beside the tree, do you want the table to shine brightly? We have what you need. Chic and bright, glitter glass dishes (SPARK) are available in gray and taupe. To bring it all out, we don't forget the presentation plates in golden glass that gives sparkle to any festive meal. Special low price, also try the polyurethane dishes. Resistant and above all full of effect, it will bluff any guest, like the RENUA range which imitates wood in a golden, silver or copper version, from € 2.59 each. Also think of salad bowls and other presentation dishes that help create the atmosphere. No need to take out the silverware, pretty versions exist in metallic glass (FLASHY) from € 3.99. We crack!

The details that make the difference

Finally, to perfect the decor, do not hesitate to invest in a pretty tablecloth, sets (LACE) or a table runner. To coordinate with the dishes, to optimize the effect. If you are making a large table, have homemade place cards. Example: collect pine cones and place one next to each plate and slide a name inside. Why not also write the menu and make it available on the table? We can also decorate the center of it with a Christmas wreath (RURAL TRADITION) and why not make it yourself. Go, last touch: we use and abuse candle jars and other small decorative candles (STRIPE, CARI candle holder). This year for sure, your table will make an impact!

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