Gift ideas at low prices

Gift ideas at low prices

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Out of ideas to please your loved ones? Do not panic, there is no shortage of cool gift ideas at low prices. From 7 to 77 years old, we submit our Wish List to you. All you have to do is pack!

For gourmets

Whether you are big or small, gluttony has no age! Very chic, the boxes have a lot of effect. For Monsieur, it consists of 2 terrines, a vegetable cracker, a red wine, a duck galantine and a block of foie gras for € 29.95. To discover also in a maxi version even more stocked (49.95 €). For gourmets, the selection of the famous restaurant Maxim's offers refined products such as a heart containing chocolates at € 9.99. Ultra gourmet, the Maison Taillefer box contains delicacies. Chocolate bar, tarts, coffee but also marshmallows, all in one that feels good! Lastly, Christmas tea remains one of the great classics in terms of gifts. With its flavors of oranges, red fruits and cinnamon, it is a pleasure to enjoy with the family!

For moms

Because they are all flirtatious and like to take care of them as much as we do, we have sweet surprises in store for them. Your scents for the body and the bath from € 8.99 (ELIA liquid soap and BERLINGOT shower care) and the pretty bath sheets (DOLCE BAIN). More broadly, these ideas may also appeal to a big sister, an aunt or a friend. Also think cocooning by offering a nice bathrobe (DOLCE BAIN) which coordinates with the bath linen. She likes to read? The plaid stands out as the accessory of winter. Faux fur version (HIMA) or sheepish and glittery (MARLON), it becomes ultra soft (CASTOR TEXT) and quickly becomes essential. Attention, the whole family may well steal it!

For kids and teens

This is a department where proposals abound! Therein lies the difficulty. For the little ones, think of "toys" up to around 6 years old. Plush toys (HIPPOPO), cooking (THE FRENCH COCOTTE) or construction toys (GASPARD), everything is fine! If you are getting older, educational games are a safe bet. They will also be an opportunity for family fun during the holidays. Ideal for refueling and laughing. Finally, for teens, think about the decor. With tastes already very assertive, they love their room and love to furnish it. We pick in the choice of design lamps (PILA) or cinema projector (MOVIE), but also in the supply of cushions (JANE, FLORE) from € 9.99. For sure, they will love it!

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