A functional kitchen

A functional kitchen

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A functional kitchen is an ergonomic kitchen where everything is in its place and easily accessible, where space is optimized and where movement between the various elements has been reduced to the maximum to save significant time. In short, a functional kitchen is an organization of space at the top as well as useful and clever storage to cook quickly and well!

Organize your space

You must organize your space according to the activity triangle represented by stove, sink and refrigerator . When you prepare meals, you will spend your time navigating from one to the other, so you might as well position them strategically so as to walk as little as possible and without clutter. For a kitchen to be functional, it will be necessary that all of your kitchen utensils are arranged in a logical way so that you have easy and quick access to them. For this, it is better to distribute your equipment by activity areas: maintenance, food preparation, food storage, cooking and service. Once the sorting is done, all that remains is to provide sufficient storage capacity and intelligent storage to make your life in the kitchen easier!

Storage question

Storage systems have evolved in recent years to adapt to our increasingly busy lifestyle. To save time and gain efficiency, it is impossible to do without efficient and clever storage. - Sliding drawers with closing brake system will be welcome in the bottom furniture to facilitate access to all of the content. - The low pedestals can be operated with the knee thanks to the touch / loose system . - The upper cabinets will have a wide opening angle and will benefit from an automatic LED light system. - All the angles will be exploited intelligently with corner cupboards whose interior arrangement will allow to use all the volume, until then difficult to access. For this, you can have corner turnstiles, sliding corner storage or stacked corner drawers with full extension. - Many accessories can make your life easier: think of storage for tea towels, spices or bottles for example.

Work plan question

Allow enough worktop length so you can cook peacefully without looking for room to place your dishes. To do this, consider placing a work surface next to each of your devices. Place credenza bars along the wall above your worktops for quick access to the utensils you use daily. You can even have a magnetic bar to store your knives. Useful storage spaces can be completely integrated into your work surfaces such as built-in bins for sorting, for example! For greater working comfort, prefer adjustable spotlights at various places above your work surface. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"