Tidy ? Yes, but having fun!

Tidy ? Yes, but having fun!

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Storage space ? Yes, but for fun! If the child's bedroom is the favorite playground for toddlers, it can also become a nightmare for parents. We take stock of space saving solutions to make the chore of storage a breeze!

Playful and colorful storage

Make the little ones want to store Lego and puzzles? This is the challenge of parents today. However, there are a few tricks to avoid repeating the age-old "tidy up your room!". The right idea? HELLO storage drawers, stackable as desired, which allow you to disturb, mix, assemble and then put away again with an air of play and good humor and everything saving space . On the menu ? Six colors and as many smileys that echo the smiles of parents in front of the now orderly room of their toddlers!

Space saving solutions

Multiply storage and gain some ground : this is the ambition of MENDI shelves. 5 shelves lined with colorful uprights allow the little ones to place their favorite books, pictures and board games. Do they like trucks, cars and animals? MARLA storage bins, to be placed on the shelves are perfect for decluttering cars, routers and other Kapla from the bedroom floor. The room is tidy, space East optimized : happiness for parents!

Furniture suitable for the little ones

Nothing like furniture to their size to take them on the path of autonomy. The LUDOT acacia table promises long hours of coloring and games "like at school". Her little extra? Its locker hidden under the shelf and the horizontal bar designed so that your child can display his thousands of drawings. So, casually, while tidying up, your budding artist takes his first steps towards creativity ... And because it is not only children who are subject to tidying up, discover all our tips for earning space in your interior!

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