4 tips to light up your exterior at Christmas

4 tips to light up your exterior at Christmas

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Fairytale characters, garlands, animals from the cold or luminous pyramids, your exterior also has the right to its Christmas decor! Alinéa shares with you 4 tips to illuminate your exterior. A nice way to go back to childhood and amaze the whole family.

The essential garlands

Let's start with the most classic option, but one that always has a small effect. What could be warmer than a tree or a balcony lit with small lights? A decor that will make you want to go home at night, the magic of Christmas and more! Above all, be sure to choose a garland suitable for outdoor use to avoid any incident. In a multicolored version, like COLOR POP or warm white, like the LIGHT CHRISTMAS garland with 320 LED bulbs, you will have a very welcoming Christmas decoration.

Light up your windows

Decorating your exterior is good, but it's even better if you can also enjoy it indoors! For this, the light curtains to hang on the windows are perfect, because they create a cozy atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. During the evening, you will appreciate seeing the small bulbs blinking through the tiles. Choose them in red and white version if you like traditional Christmas decorations, or dare pink and blue stalactite way to delight Frozen fans at home!

Welcome your visitors

During the holidays, we attach great importance to moments of sharing and conviviality. Lighting your exterior is also a way to welcome your visitors. Let yourself be tempted by a multicolored LED light crown to change from the classic vegetable crown. You can also display a pleasant light message on your door, such as JOYEUSES FETES, or even have a decoration in front of your front door, such as the LIGHT PYRAMID LED, very elegant and graphic.

Dare the magical decor

A last option to put stars in the eyes of young and old: the themed light decor. Take your family and friends into a magical world by imagining a decor that suits you. Decoration of the forest with the MUSHROOMS, the OWL and the luminous DEER, or rather polar atmosphere with the luminous snowman SNOWMAN, the funny SEAL and the colorful PINGUIN, everything is possible! A decoration easy to set up since you just have to arrange the elements on the ground. In short, personalizing your exterior for Christmas is not as complicated as it seems! A flashing garland, a snowman shining brightly or a sparkling star, and the magic of Christmas is at your door. With fantasy and generosity, let the Christmas light shine outside!

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