How to prepare the bathroom before guests arrive

How to prepare the bathroom before guests arrive

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Because the art of hospitality also applies to the bathroom, the editorial staff of déco.fr gives you its little tips for preparing the bathroom before guests arrive. From cleaning to small details: follow our retroplanning to prepare a bathroom worthy of the spa of a large hotel.

D-8: we check the bathroom accessories

We start by going through the bathroom accessories. Before attacking the essential shower gels and shampoos, think macro: is there a bench (or a stool) to deposit business, a floor mat, hooks (or towel racks) free to hang towels and shelves clear to have a toiletry bag? The little extra essential that makes the difference? A step (for children) and, to top it off: a towel dryer to keep bath towels dry.

D-2: we do the big cleaning and we arrange the space

Mission of the day: clean, sweep and polish bath, shower and basins so that they shine as on the first day. Indispensable: clean mirrors, scrubbed toilets and shiny taps. Take the opportunity to tidy up: your guests will appreciate having space to store their belongings. In terms of bathroom accessories, now make sure you have one large and one small towel per person: if not, it's time to make a machine! Finally, make sure that the rolls of toilet paper and the hairdryer are visible in the bathroom. The little extras that make the difference? A few drops of lemon (or lavender) essential oil give a pleasant scent in the bathroom.

D-1: we take care of the small details to finish preparing the bathroom

Your guests may arrive with their toiletry bag, they will appreciate the little delicate touches like the cosmetic basket, organic soap or natural moisturizing oil. For a successful visual effect, coordinate the color of the bathroom linen with the tones of the bathroom or play the contrast card instead. Finally, do not forget to take care of the folding of the bathroom linen. The little extras that make the difference? Fresh flowers that will instantly make your guests understand that they are distinguished guests ... and that you are an exceptional host!


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