A fridge convertible into a freezer

A fridge convertible into a freezer

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The appliance brand Beko offers the first refrigerator convertible into a freezer, and vice versa. Presentation.

A freezer at a glance

Designed to adapt to seasonal desires, the Table Top VarioStore (VNE 1002) is a new refrigerator capable of turning into a freezer in just 30 minutes. It reaches an optimal temperature in one hour.

An economical device

Saving energy is a daily concern today. The Table Top VarioStore is part of the Green Line range from Beko, which offers increasingly economical devices. Class A +, it can reduce its energy consumption by 25% compared to a class A model.

A compact device

Thanks to its compact dimensions (H 84 x W 54 x 60), it is an ideal complement to match the desires and needs of the moment: switching from fresh spring products to summer ice creams, for example.

Optimal technical characteristics

With a capacity of 75 liters, the Table Top VarioStore VNE 1002 is equipped with glass shelves and a vegetable drawer. It is "no frost" (no defrosting necessary) and has an Ag + antibacterial treatment. It is available in the main specialized brands. To know more : 01 58 34 46 46.