Can you mix wooden and lacquered furniture in a modern living room?

Can you mix wooden and lacquered furniture in a modern living room?

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Laurie's question

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Design response: the mix of styles and materials in the living room

If you remove the red from your decoration, yes, you can put green. There are shades of slightly gray green which have the advantage of creating a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. Absinthe green, a new trendy color, will bring your living room a fifties spirit. For your parquet, I find the idea of ​​putting a gray parquet drawing towards beige judicious, this will not contrast with your white lacquered furniture, on the contrary, it will accentuate the refined atmosphere that you want to give to your living room. Prefer wide slats. What is always pleasant in an interior, it is the mixture of the kinds and the styles, then yes, I find the wooden table completely in the environment and yes, one can mix wood and lacquered. The important thing, Laurie, is to find a decoration that looks like you and that reflects your personality. You too, send us your decoration question


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