Tutorial: customize a frame with its own pattern

Tutorial: customize a frame with its own pattern

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Are you tired of this photo which does not put you in value at all? It's time to give your photo frame a second life! I offer you today an easy tutorial that will only take you a few minutes.


- an A4 size photo frame - a geometric motif (you can download our motif by clicking here) - glue - a cutter

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 10 minutes


1. To begin, remove the back of the frame. Be careful not to force too much, some frames are sometimes glued.

2. Then print the pattern of your choice. For my part, I opted for a geometric pattern which you can download by clicking here. Otherwise you can also use a piece of tapestry or even gift wrapping paper, there are some very pretty ones and we don't necessarily think of using them for decoration!

3. Place the design in the frame and voila!


And now, you just have to find a place for it in your interior! You can either leave it as is, or cut out some geometric pieces to reveal the background. This gives a more modern effect, especially if you put wood behind as in the second example below, or possibly a thin sheet of cork.

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